Things to Remember
Photography (Please check with your guide):
  • Request permission before taking photographs of people, events or objects
  • Inside the premises of temples, dzongs or monastery, taking photographs is not permitted.
  • Taking photographs is only permitted in the court yard area.

Religious Artifact / Antique:
  • Please do not touch any religious artifact or antique.
  • Purchase of religious items especially antiques is prohibited.
  • Please do not climb on or do anything that would show lack of respect to Buddhist artifacts or antiques, large or small, ruined or not, they are regarded as sacred.

Dress Code:
  • Please take of hats while entering dzongs, temples or monastery.
  • Shorts / half pants are not permitted while entering a dzong, temple or monastery.

  • Before entering a dzong, temple, monastery, please switch off all mobile phones or keep in the silent/vibrating mode.
  • Please speak softly within the religious premises.

The Bhutanese Way:
  • Always walk in clockwise direction while visiting religious places.
  • Please remember not to point with a single finger but use an upturned flat extended hand especially to indicate a sacred object or place.
  • Please throw rubbish only in designated areas.
  • Please refrain from touching any ritual objects or mural paintings.
  • Please do not walk over any clothes, books, hearth or materials left open in religious sites.
  • Please refrain from smoking or drinking while visiting religious places.
  • If you are not sure please ask the local people or the guide.
  • Please do not be too close to the lake or river if you visit to avoid any accidents.

Smoking / Tobacco Products: Any tobacco products and cigarettes are forbidden in the kingdom. For personal consumption passengers are permitted to bring 200 imported cigarettes (10 packets) on payment of 200 percent duty and 100 percent duty on Indian make tobacco products. Alcoholic beverage up to 1 liter for personal consumption is allowed.

Currency Notes: Indian currency Rs. 1000 & 500 are not acceptable in Bhutan. Few ATM Machines are available in Thimpu&Paro only.
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My time in Bhutan was without doubt one of my greatest ever travel experiences and one I will never forget and I cannot wait to return, hopefully one day in the not so far future.
Date:- 23 Aug 2011

Badal Chandra Bhagat

Service offered was quite appreciating and we look forward to avail other services in the near future.

Date:- 11 Nov 2011

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Very well organised & co-operative from beginning to end of our tour. We recommend everyone to travel with Neptune Holidays atleast once in their lifetime..

Date:- 18 Dec 2011

Kuntal Maity

Hi Neptune,
Thanks a lot to your employees for the awesome package which was really worth the cost.Your email and telephone communication was prompt, complete and friendly. It was nice to have that personal care from your wonderful team...

Darren Ryan

I was traveling in Bhutan as tourist from 19th feb to 25th feb 2011. It was indeed an amazing experience.
Date:- 26 Feb 2011

Bijoy Kumar